Ask belle: weight issues

"My name is Nume and I'm from the United States (Maryland)
I visit your blog almost everyday. I just wanted to say you have the perfect body. I was wondering what do you do to keep in shape. I am currently doing Weight Watchers and it is really working for me but once I lose a few more pounds I will be looking to do something that will help tone me up. I truly understand that you are more of a natural hair and fashion blogger. Any advice you have will help."

thank you for the compliment nume! but i don't think there is any such thing as the perfect body. i have parts of my body that i'm not happy with (i yearn for my 18 year old selfs toned washboard stomach!).
i don't do anything special to keep in shape, as i'm on a diet to keep my hair and scalp healthy that helps also to keep my body healthy i mainly eat spinach, salmon and nuts, lots of brown rice but i aslo eat cake! chips! cookies! Chinese food! did i mention cake?
but all in moderation! 
i have been trying to tone my tummy as well so i have taken up hula hooping for 20 minutes in the morning and evening that about the only excersize i can manage as i find physical activity a bore (yes i was the girl in gym class running away from the ball!)
i have quite an active job which also keep me fit and i try to walk to my desination if possible.
shopping is also good walking from store to store carrying all those bags!! ha ha ha ha

i'm a size 12(8) on the bottom
and a size 10(6) on the top

good luck with your weightloss nume send pictures of your success i'm sure you look amazing!

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