medium hair styles

Layering is a great way to cut your hair. There are many varieties of layered medium hairstyles. Layered hairstyles are different for women. There are medium layered hairstyles according to the hair type. Different layered hair cutting is done according to the face type.

Also, there are different medium layered hairstyles according to medium length of hair. Layering is a way to cut your hair into different lengths and snipping the hair ends; the layered hair can be styled inwards by blow drying or cut in such a way that they look flipped upwards. Here, are different types of medium layered hairstyles.

If you have a round face then you should get layered medium hairstyles, which make your face look longer. To make your face look longer, cut your hair into many layers near the crown. This will add more height and make your face look longer. Then get some layers below your chin and near the ends of the hair. Accompany this style, with a blunt Cleopatra fringe or a side sweeping bang.

If you have thick and straight hair then use these medium layered hairstyles ideas. Middle part your hair, do a ‘U’ shape cut at the back of the hair. The front of the hair should be layered below your chin. Go for deep layered cutting. Then style this hair inwards by blow drying.

If you have fine hair then go for a shag medium layered hairstyles, to make your hair look great and stylish. Side part your hair and get many layers starting near your ear level. Get lots of layers cut on the sides and the back. Then flip these layers outwards. Pair these medium layered hairstyles with side swept bangs.

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